Teaching Youth to Think and Act Responsibly through a Peer-Helping Approach

The EQUIP Program is a three-part intervention method for working with antisocial or behavior disordered adolescents.  The EQUIP program combines the use of peer-helping group methods with cognitive development and skills training intended to motivate and teach youth to think and act responsibly. The approach includes training in moral judgment, anger management, correction of thinking errors, and prosocial skills. EQUIP’s basic components – mutual help and teaching – support each other. The EQUIP program stresses holding youth accountable for their behavior. It emphasizes the participant’s positive potential while recognizing their social skill deficiencies, social developmental delays, and cognitive distortions. The goal of the program is to “equip” youth with the necessary skills and resources for helping their peer group members and themselves through the process of developing a pro-social value system.

The EQUIP intervention model is used throughout Family Court Services.