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Private Process Server List




In accordance with Local Rule 4.9, paragraph 4, and applicable statutes and Supreme Court rules, and pursuant to proper application thereunder, the following name(s) shall be added to the Court Administrator's list of persons qualified to serve process within the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Missouri:

Approved Private Process Servers - 2023
Name   Registration Number
Rashad Abdul-Rahiem   PPS23-0388
Zenedria Abston   PPS23-0213
Vikki Acord   PPS23-0214
Dakota Adams   PPS23-0389
Randy A Adkins   PPS23-0001
Joseph Alexander   PPS23-0002
Alisha Allen   PPS23-0003
Jason Allen   PPS23-0411
Jerry Allen   PPS23-0412
Andrew Alvey   PPS23-0345
Brian Amick   PPS23-0432
Brianna Anderson   PPS23-0215
Cody Anderson   PPS23-0216
Robert Anderson   PPS23-0217
Azita Aramjoo   PPS23-0390
Donna Arciuolo   PPS23-0004
Tracy Arnold   PPS23-0218
Jeffrey Aronson   PPS23-0219
Vanessa Arredondo   PPS23-0220
Tonya Arruda   PPS23-0221
Jodi Ashworth   PPS23-0005
Russell Aubrey   PPS23-0006
Sallie Bailey   PPS23-0222
Everett Barger III   PPS23-0391
Carl Barnett   PPS23-0007
Joseph Baska   PPS23-0008
Bernard Beletsky   PPS23-0009
Garrett Bentlage   PPS23-0433
Macey Bergsten   PPS23-0010
Lawrence Berkland   PPS23-0223
Allison Bernardo   PPS23-0011
Daniel Blackwell   PPS23-0224
Keith Blanchard   PPS23-0225
Alexander Blea   PPS23-0012
Dianna Blea   PPS23-0013
Richard Blea   PPS23-0226
Heather Blegstad   PPS23-0014
Sydney Bliss   PPS23-0227
Kareem Boakye-Yiadom   PPS23-0228
Thomas Bogue   PPS23-0015
Charissa Boldridge   PPS23-0016
Mark Braden   PPS23-0017
Scott Brady   PPS23-0018
Wendy Jo Bricker   PPS23-0019
William Brock   PPS23-0229
Kathy Broom   PPS23-0020
Jesse Bruce   PPS23-0021
Nicole Buckley   PPS23-0230
Brent Burmeister   PPS23-0231
Gary Burmeister   PPS23-0232
Randy Burrow   PPS23-0022
Rick Burrows   PPS23-0347
Gary Burt   PPS23-0023
Stephen Buskirk   PPS23-0233
Steven Butcher   PPS23-0234
Danny Callahan   PPS23-0024
Jake Callahan   PPS23-0025
Bobby Calvert   PPS23-0026
Anthony Canania III   PPS23-0348
Anna Canole   PPS23-0235
Andre Carnes Jr.   PPS23-0434
Richard Carter II   PPS23-0349
Charles Casey   PPS23-0027
George Castillo   PPS23-0028
Joan Cavallo   PPS23-0236
Teddy Cavallo   PPS23-0237
David Chalfant   PPS23-0436
Carolyn Champlin   PPS23-0029
Kevin Chapins   PPS23-0413
Matthew Church   PPS23-0350
Noel Cimmino   PPS23-0351
Scott Cisney   PPS23-0238
Charles Clavin II   PPS23-0239
Kathleen Clor   PPS23-0240
Christopher Cloud   PPS23-0435
Glen Cobb   PPS23-0030
Monica Cobbs   PPS23-0031
Ronald Cody   PPS23-0032
Chad Compton   PPS23-0033
Melody Compton   PPS23-0034
David Conarroe   PPS23-0352
George Covert   PPS23-0035
Monty Crabb   PPS23-0036
Peggy Cranston-Butcher   PPS23-0037
Scott Crist   PPS23-0241
Ernest Dahl   PPS23-0038
Dennis Dahlberg   PPS23-0414
Abigail Dauma   PPS23-0415
Philip Dauma   PPS23-0416
Vito Davis   PPS23-0242
Bryce Dearborn   PPS23-0243
Robert DeLacy III   PPS23-0244
Robert DeLacy Jr.   PPS23-0245
Dominic DellaPorte   PPS23-0039
Lori Denk   PPS23-0040
David Dice   PPS23-0353
Richard Dietz Jr.   PPS23-0247
Scott Dixon   PPS23-0248
Claudia Dohn   PPS23-0041
Brian Doles   PPS23-0042
Aaron Donarski   PPS23-0044
Amy Donarski   PPS23-0043
Dale Dorning   PPS23-0045
Christopher Drummond   PPS23-0249
Alexander Duaine   PPS23-0250
Peter Duffey   PPS23-0437
Michael Dunard   PPS23-0046
Anthony Dunne   PPS23-0251
Kurt Eckard   PPS23-0047
Stephanie Eckard   PPS23-0048
Michelle Edward   PPS23-0354
Kevin Eifert   PPS23-0252
Howard Elder   PPS23-0049
Jackie Elder   PPS23-0050
Roger Elliott Jr.   PPS23-0253
Jason Emery   PPS23-0051
David Eskelin   PPS23-0052
Donald Eskra Jr.   PPS23-0254
Sadie Estes   PPS23-0255
Cindy Ethridge   PPS23-0256
Ronald Facklam   PPS23-0355
Robert Fairbanks   PPS23-0257
Jeffrey Faudere   PPS23-0417
William Ferrell   PPS23-0258
Brandon Fisher   PPS23-0053
Amber Flowers   PPS23-0259
Kaydence Flowers   PPS23-0260
Richard Flowers   PPS23-0261
Ryan Fortune   PPS23-0262
James Frago   PPS23-0054
John Frago   PPS23-0055
Bryan Freed   PPS23-0356
Robert Gaiser   PPS23-0056
Peter Gallo   PPS23-0263
Ron Gamm Jr.   PPS23-0264
John Garfield   PPS23-0265
Richard Gerber   PPS23-0266
Jill Getman   PPS23-0392
Kurie Ghersini   PPS23-0057
Kevin Gilgour   PPS23-0393
Adam Golden   PPS23-0058
Bradley Gordon   PPS23-0059
Thomas Gorgen   PPS23-0060
Arzealia Graham   PPS23-0357
Kimberly Greenway   PPS23-0061
Paul Grimes   PPS23-0267
Daniel Grubbs   PPS23-0394
Jennifer Grupp   PPS23-0062
Mark Hagood   PPS23-0063
Eric Hahn   PPS23-0064
Justin Hale   PPS23-0065
Nastassja Hall   PPS23-0268
Chantaye Hamilton   PPS23-0395
Darnell Hamilton   PPS23-0066
James Hannah   PPS23-0067
Rufus Harmon   PPS23-0358
Keith Harrison   PPS23-0418
James Ray Harvey   PPS23-0068
Grace Hazell   PPS23-0069
Stephen Heitz   PPS23-0269
Austen Hendrickson   PPS23-0070
Sharon Hendrickson   PPS23-0071
Ashton Henry   PPS23-0270
Elizabeth Henson   PPS23-0072
Jessie Hernandez   PPS23-0271
Reed Hess   PPS23-0438
Michael Hibler   PPS23-0073
Shelby Hibler   PPS23-0272
Trinity Hibler   PPS23-0273
Bridgette Hight   PPS23-0074
James Hise   PPS23-0075
Tony Hitt   PPS23-0274
Samuel Hodgson   PPS23-0396
Erin Hoefle   PPS23-0359
Theodore Hoefle   PPS23-0360
Bobbi Jo Hohnholt   PPS23-0397
Aaron Holt   PPS23-0076
Richard Hopson   PPS23-0361
Ali Howat   PPS23-0077
Mckenna Howe   PPS23-0378
Martin Hueckel   PPS23-0078
Michael Huffman   PPS23-0079
Pamela Huffman   PPS23-0080
David Hughes   PPS23-0398
Greg Hulver   PPS23-0081
Jennifer Hyman   PPS23-0082
Anthony Iavarone   PPS23-0083
Travis Jackson   PPS23-0276
Megan Jagos   PPS23-0084
Frank James   PPS23-0275
Zachary Jenkins   PPS23-0277
Betty Johnson   PPS23-0085
Bret Johnson   PPS23-0278
Patrick Jones   PPS23-0086
Frank Joseph   PPS23-0279
Ronald Jurgeson   PPS23-0419
Russell Kaspar   PPS23-0399
Chelsey Ketron   PPS23-0087
Leisa Ketron   PPS23-0088
Brent Kirkhart   PPS23-0089
Janice Kirkhart   PPS23-0090
Tyler Kirkhart   PPS23-0091
Kenneth Klewicki   PPS23-0092
Shawn Knobelock   PPS23-0362
Michele Kriner   PPS23-0280
Aaron Kuhns   PPS23-0363
Cody Kyser   PPS23-0093
Kevin LaBranche   PPS23-0281
Benjamin Lambert   PPS23-0094
Kelly Land   PPS23-0095
Shelly Land   PPS23-0439
Cecile Landrum   PPS23-0096
Lauryn Landrum   PPS23-0097
James LaRiviere   PPS23-0098
Marcus Lawing   PPS23-0099
Spencer Laws   PPS23-0364
Jennifer Lecuyer   PPS23-0379
Dustin Lee   PPS23-0282
Rocky Lee   PPS23-0365
Susan Lett   PPS23-0100
John Lichtenegger   PPS23-0101
Bryan Liebhart   PPS23-0102
Tara Little   PPS23-0400
Jory Loewen   PPS23-0103
Bert Lott   PPS23-0104
Rex Louar   PPS23-0283
Terry Lunsford   PPS23-0284
Robert Maliuuk   PPS23-0285
Winnonna Maliuuk   PPS23-0286
Michael Marra   PPS23-0105
Curtis Martin   PPS23-0287
Deborah Martin   PPS23-0106
Michael Martin   PPS23-0107
Jonathan Matteson   PPS23-0366
Thomas Matthews   PPS23-0288
Michael McCann   PPS23-0108
Velinda McCarthy   PPS23-0289
Kristi McClendon   PPS23-0290
Brianna McCullough   PPS23-0401
Lawrence McDowell   PPS23-0440
Shauntranise McGee   PPS23-0291
Robert McKinney Jr.   PPS23-0420
Michael McMahon   PPS23-0292
Carter McPheeters   PPS23-0109
Edward McPheeters   PPS23-0110
Michael C Meador   PPS23-0111
James Meadows   PPS23-0112
Krista Meadows   PPS23-0293
Maria Meier   PPS23-0402
Jerry Melber   PPS23-0113
Jenna Mendoza   PPS23-0114
Heather Merfen   PPS23-0115
Justin Meyer   PPS23-0116
Matthew Millhollin   PPS23-0117
Douglas Mitchell   PPS23-0294
Laura Mitchell   PPS23-0295
Angela Molt   PPS23-0296
Carla Monegain   PPS23-0298
Corbin Monie   PPS23-0118
Cassandra Moore   PPS23-0403
Christopher Moore   PPS23-0297
Michael Morrison   PPS23-0299
Karley Mouzakis   PPS23-0381
Zachary Mueller   PPS23-0300
Drew Muessig   PPS23-0441
Timothy Murphy   PPS23-0382
Ayele-Kojo Muwwakkil   PPS23-0301
Delaney Myers   PPS23-0302
Michael Nairn   PPS23-0367
Paul Nardizzi   PPS23-0303
Wendy Neff   PPS23-0304
Jeremy Nicholas   PPS23-0119
Charles Nichols   PPS23-0120
Jeffrey Nichols   PPS23-0121
Sandra Nichols   PPS23-0122
Carla NieKamp   PPS23-0305
Michael Noble   PPS23-0123
Greg Noll   PPS23-0124
Colter Norris   PPS23-0125
Dennis Norris   PPS23-0126
Kody Norris   PPS23-0127
James Nuzzi   PPS23-0128
Daniel O'Conner   PPS23-0129
Daryl Oestreich   PPS23-0130
Janell Outland   PPS23-0421
Craig Palmer   PPS23-0306
Cynthia Paris   PPS23-0131
Michael A Pasco   PPS23-0132
Charles Patillo   PPS23-0422
Cody Patton   PPS23-0133
Stuart Peck   PPS23-0404
Jose Pena   PPS23-0307
George Perry   PPS23-0134
Mike Perry   PPS23-0135
Marie Peterson   PPS23-0136
Carrie Pfeifer   PPS23-0137
Christy Phillips   PPS23-0308
Elizabeth Phillips   PPS23-0309
Timothy Pinney   PPS23-0310
Craig Poese   PPS23-0138
Dennis Porter   PPS23-0139
Nancy Porter   PPS23-0311
Kourtney Potter-Acord   PPS23-0140
Bill Powell   PPS23-0141
Dee Powell   PPS23-0142
Samantha Powell   PPS23-0143
Joseph Powers   PPS23-0144
Curtis Press   PPS23-0145
Kenneth Prewett   PPS23-0146
Patricia Prewett   PPS23-0147
Benjamin Purser   PPS23-0148
Larry Quintanilla   PPS23-0312
Jadyn Ramey   PPS23-0383
Jason Ramey   PPS23-0384
Richard Ramirez   PPS23-0313
Mark Rauss   PPS23-0314
Richard Raymond   PPS23-0368
James Reap   PPS23-0149
Christopher Reed   PPS23-0150
Mark Reeder   PPS23-0151
Lisa Reiter   PPS23-0385
Marybeth Rice   PPS23-0369
Cheryl Richey   PPS23-0152
Lisa Richter   PPS23-0315
Deana Rife   PPS23-0153
Blake Riley   PPS23-0154
John Riley II   PPS23-0442
Elba Roark   PPS23-0155
Richard Rober   PPS23-0316
David Roberts   PPS23-0156
Patricia Roberts   PPS23-0157
Mark Rodriguez   PPS23-0158
Tammy Rodriguez   PPS23-0159
Gage Rogers   PPS23-0160
Autumn Rojas   PPS23-0423
Anthony Roscoe   PPS23-0317
Jonathan Rose   PPS23-0405
Kori Ross   PPS23-0386
Richard Ross   PPS23-0318
Lawrence Roth   PPS23-0370
Scott Rouskey   PPS23-0163
Robert Rowland   PPS23-0161
Kain Royer   PPS23-0162
Steve Rozhon   PPS23-0319
Christopher Rues   PPS23-0424
Ronald J Rugen   PPS23-0164
Kathy Rulo   PPS23-0165
Edna Russell   PPS23-0166
Candace Sanders   PPS23-0443
Robert Sanders   PPS23-0320
Brenda Schiwitz   PPS23-0167
Nathaniel Scott   PPS23-0321
Gregory Seher   PPS23-0322
Westley Seifert   PPS23-0168
Christian Seldon Sr.   PPS23-0371
Mindee Sharp   PPS23-0323
Spencer Sharp   PPS23-0324
Todd Sharp   PPS23-0325
Joe Sherrod   PPS23-0169
Kenneth Short   PPS23-0326
Delynna Siegel   PPS23-0170
Michael S Siegel   PPS23-0171
Eugene Sims Jr.   PPS23-0172
Jennifer Singleton   PPS23-0425
Anita Skillern   PPS23-0173
Thomas Skinner   PPS23-0174
Brian Smith   PPS23-0175
Bryan Smith   PPS23-0176
Lisa Smith   PPS23-0177
Connie Sommers   PPS23-0327
Concepcion Sosa   PPS23-0178
Anthony Spada   PPS23-0179
Melissa Spencer-Bryant   PPS23-0180
Keith Stalcup   PPS23-0181
Barbara Steil   PPS23-0182
Paul Steil   PPS23-0183
Jessica Stone   PPS23-0406
Randy Stone   PPS23-0184
Sonja Stone   PPS23-0185
Steven Stosur   PPS23-0328
Dylan Stricklin   PPS23-0426
Artesha Strong   PPS23-0186
Carrie Stroup   PPS23-0427
Brittney Strozier   PPS23-0372
Mark Sumler   PPS23-0187
Valerie Summer   PPS23-0188
Cody Swartz   PPS23-0189
David Swinford   PPS23-0407
Lorraine Swinford   PPS23-0408
Daniel Swinney   PPS23-0190
Ramona Talvacchio   PPS23-0329
Angela Teghtmeyer   PPS23-0330
Jeffrey Teitel   PPS23-0191
Timothy Thayer   PPS23-0192
Tanner Thibeault   PPS23-0331
Angelica Thornhill   PPS23-0428
Darren Thornhill   PPS23-0429
Hilary Tichota   PPS23-0332
Richard Tichota   PPS23-0333
Tom Tippit   PPS23-0334
Gabriel Tranum   PPS23-0193
Miles Troxel   PPS23-0194
Angela Tucker   PPS23-0335
Nate Lee Tucker   PPS23-0336
Joseph Twardowski   PPS23-0195
Blanca Vazquez   PPS23-0337
Lindsey Velasquez   PPS23-0444
Robert Vick II   PPS23-0338
Bradley Votaw   PPS23-0196
Joseph Wachowski   PPS23-0339
Michael Wagner   PPS23-0373
Kai-Amani Walker   PPS23-0340
Kenneth Wallace   PPS23-0430
Sophia Washington   PPS23-0374
Stephen Waters   PPS23-0197
Gary Weaver   PPS23-0198
Doreen Weekley   PPS23-0341
Ryan E Weekley   PPS23-0199
Ryan M Weekley   PPS23-0200
Robert Weems   PPS23-0342
Robert Weishar   PPS23-0201
Barbara West   PPS23-0343
Verrien Weston   PPS23-0202
Pam Wheetley   PPS23-0375
Richard White   PPS23-0431
Andrew Wickliffe   PPS23-0203
Scott Wiechmann   PPS23-0204
Tad Wight   PPS23-0387
Jonathan Wilkerson   PPS23-0205
Katie Williams   PPS23-0376
Gregory Willing   PPS23-0206
Charles Willis   PPS23-0207
Clayton Willis   PPS23-0409
Conni Wilson   PPS23-0208
Brent Winterberg   PPS23-0377
Lana Wiseman   PPS23-0209
Katherine Wright   PPS23-0210
Louis Wright   PPS23-0211
Gregory Young   PPS23-0212
Aaron Zeller   PPS23-0445
Clint Zevecke   PPS23-0410
Greg Zotta   PPS23-0344