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Private Process Server List




In accordance with Local Rule 4.9, paragraph 4, and applicable statutes and Supreme Court rules, and pursuant to proper application thereunder, the following name(s) shall be added to the Court Administrator's list of persons qualified to serve process within the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Missouri:

Approved Private Process Servers - 2019
Name   Registration Number
Rashad Abdul-Rahiem   PPS19-0710
Jan Adams   PPS19-0001
Michelle L Adams   PPS19-0002
Roger Adams   PPS19-0003
Randy A Adkins   PPS19-0399
Bobby Ali   PPS19-0004
Lakeita Allen   PPS19-0005
Sandra M Allen   PPS19-0006
Terrie L Allen   PPS19-0304
Natasha Altic   PPS19-0305
Brianna Alvarez   PPS19-0306
Andrew L Alvey   PPS19-0768
Robert A Anderson   PPS19-0307
Jamie Andrews   PPS19-0214
Victor Aponte   PPS19-0007
Joshua Aragon   PPS19-0008
Azita J Aramjoo   PPS19-0807
Felycia Aranda   PPS19-0533
Jessica Arnold   PPS19-0400
Dennis Arthur   PPS19-0753
Brandon Aschenbrenner   PPS19-0009
Curt R Aubrey   PPS19-0308
Erica Austin   PPS19-0010
Mark Avery   PPS19-0534
Teresa Bailly   PPS19-0535
Christopher C Baker   PPS19-0514
Lisa Ball   PPS19-0620
Kali A Baltazar   PPS19-0011
Steve Michael Banales   PPS19-0842
Everett F Barger, III   PPS19-0711
Bradley L Barks   PPS19-0621
Rebecca Barraza   PPS19-0401
Tomas Barraza, Jr   PPS19-0402
Mike Barry   PPS19-0536
Nicholas R Bartlett   PPS19-0728
Joseph L Baska   PPS19-0012
Robert Baska   PPS19-0800
Robert Bassler   PPS19-0537
Shane Bauer   PPS19-0403
Laura Beckham   PPS19-0538
Laura K Bedkins   PPS19-0309
Laura J Bedkins   PPS19-0215
Bernard J Beletsky   PPS19-0216
Alycia Bell   PPS19-0788
Carrington L Bell   PPS19-0013
George Bell   PPS19-0014
Myesha Bell   PPS19-0789
Lawrence F Berkland   PPS19-0404
Dennis Berndt   PPS19-0622
Clarence E Birk   PPS19-0310
Ryan Black   PPS19-0015
Daniel C Blackwell   PPS19-0311
Mark W Blackwell   PPS19-0662
Shanna Blackwell   PPS19-0016
Elizabeth Blair   PPS19-0781
Dianna J Blea   PPS19-0017
Richard J Blea   PPS19-0018
Heather Blegsted   PPS19-0312
Robert Blixt   PPS19-0019
Kareem Boakye-Yiadom   PPS19-0217
Eddie Bogue   PPS19-0218
Brent Bohnoff   PPS19-0020
Charissa D Boldridge   PPS19-0313
Ann Bollino   PPS19-0539
Dominic Bommarito   PPS19-0663
Abigail Botts   PPS19-0664
Arthur Boyer   PPS19-0219
Mark W Braden   PPS19-0314
Scott Brady   PPS19-0220
David Braxton   PPS19-0021
James L Brewer   PPS19-0729
Cindy Bricker   PPS19-0689
Wendy Jo Bricker   PPS19-0623
Charles Bridges   PPS19-0022
Donnie C Briley   PPS19-0023
William A Brock   PPS19-0624
Kathy A Broom   PPS19-0024
Dan Brouillete   PPS19-0025
Douglas S Brower   PPS19-0026
Jeffrey G Brown   PPS19-0221
Joshua Brown   PPS19-0540
Kelley Brown   PPS19-0028
Kenneth H Brown, Jr.   PPS19-0027
Mary Bruegge   PPS19-0405
Ray Bryant   PPS19-0222
Gene Buchanan   PPS19-0315
Ralph W Buchanan   PPS19-0515
Nicole Bucklew   PPS19-0223
Nicholas R Bull   PPS19-0029
Jarrett M Bullock   PPS19-0030
Ashley Bumgardner   PPS19-0031
James Burke   PPS19-0032
Brent L Burmeister   PPS19-0406
Gary Burmeister   PPS19-0407
Brenda Burns   PPS19-0408
Randy D Burrow   PPS19-0033
Gary Burt   PPS19-0034
Maurice Burton, Sr.   PPS19-0541
James Campbell   PPS19-0625
Richard I Campbell   PPS19-0409
Christy Candillo   PPS19-0410
Anna Canole   PPS19-0542
William J Caputo   PPS19-0035
Matthew Carter   PPS19-0626
Richard E Carter, II   PPS19-0516
Charles Casey   PPS19-0036
George L Castillo   PPS19-0037
Dakota Catanzaro   PPS19-0411
Corinna Celoso   PPS19-0224
Sonja R Chailland   PPS19-0038
David Chalfant   PPS19-0690
Gary Chatham   PPS19-0039
Trenia Cherry   PPS19-0543
John R Choate   PPS19-0544
Noel Cimmino   PPS19-0814
Rick M Clain   PPS19-0545
Ryan Clancy   PPS19-0316
Charles E Clavin, II   PPS19-0831
LeAnne Clavin   PPS19-0832
John A Clor   PPS19-0546
Kathleen V Clor   PPS19-0547
Glen Cobb   PPS19-0040
Randell S Cobb   PPS19-0317
Ron Cody   PPS19-0627
Emma Cole   PPS19-0548
David Conarroe   PPS19-0645
Kenneth V Condrey   PPS19-0041
Sharon R Condrey   PPS19-0042
Michael Conklin   PPS19-0628
Kathleen Cook   PPS19-0043
John J Cooley, Jr   PPS19-0629
Greg Coon   PPS19-0225
Beth R Cooper   PPS19-0318
William R Cooper   PPS19-0044
Lisa Corbett   PPS19-0630
Theodore Cordasco   PPS19-0549
Catherine Cornellier   PPS19-0045
Wilberto Correa   PPS19-0046
Brianna Corso   PPS19-0754
Brian Cox   PPS19-0631
Shane Creason   PPS19-0712
John B Crenshaw   PPS19-0730
Scott Crist   PPS19-0824
Carla S Crith   PPS19-0517
Karen Crohan   PPS19-0550
Laura Crum   PPS19-0551
Mandy Cunningham   PPS19-0412
Dennis Dahlberg   PPS19-0691
Mary Dahlberg   PPS19-0731
John J Darst   PPS19-0632
Alterick S Davenport   PPS19-0047
Dewayne Day   PPS19-0782
Duane D Day   PPS19-0048
Gerald Deadwyler   PPS19-0049
Bryce E Dearborn   PPS19-0552
Robert E Delacy, III   PPS19-0050
Robert E Delacy, Jr.   PPS19-0051
Dominic DellaPorte   PPS19-0052
Daniel J Delong   PPS19-0801
Ricardo Delpratt   PPS19-0053
David A Dice   PPS19-0769
Maureen Ann Dice   PPS19-0825
Ken Diegel   PPS19-0518
Richard W Dietz, Jr   PPS19-0413
Kathleen DiNunno   PPS19-0553
John Dippenworth   PPS19-0064
Scott Dixon   PPS19-0319
Richard Lewis Dixson   PPS19-0633
Alexander C Djaine   PPS19-0065
Marissa Doan   PPS19-0226
Claudia A Dohn   PPS19-0066
Angela M Donahue   PPS19-0848
Ashley M Donnelly   PPS19-0713
Larry J Doolin   PPS19-0849
Jilvonne Dorch   PPS19-0755
Dale Dorning   PPS19-0067
Jonathan Drake   PPS19-0665
Alec Thurman Drown   PPS19-0634
Peter Duffey   PPS19-0320
Dennis Durflinger   PPS19-0554
Jadeena Earle   PPS19-0068
John C Ecklund   PPS19-0714
John P Eidson   PPS19-0763
Howard D Elder   PPS19-0414
Jackie Elder   PPS19-0415
Tonya Elkins   PPS19-0227
Adam C Elliot   PPS19-0416
Adam Elliot   PPS19-0666
Roger Smith Elliot, Jr.   PPS19-0732
Abel A Emiru   PPS19-0069
David L Eskelin   PPS19-0635
Donald C Eskra, Jr   PPS19-0555
Leticia Estrada   PPS19-0556
Cindy Ethridge   PPS19-0692
Ronald Facklam   PPS19-0693
Robert D Fairbanks   PPS19-0557
Jeffrey L Faudere   PPS19-0802
Mollie Fechter   PPS19-0445
Katherine I Felder   PPS19-0321
Joe Felix   PPS19-0790
David S Felter   PPS19-0070
William F Ferrell   PPS19-0228
Robert D Finley   PPS19-0229
Robert D Finley   PPS19-0071
Robert Finley   PPS19-0322
Brandon Fisher   PPS19-0323
Ronald Fisher   PPS19-0803
Flojetta Fitzgerald   PPS19-0558
George Flesher   PPS19-0770
Amber Flowers   PPS19-0417
Richard M Flowers   PPS19-0418
Stephen H Folcher   PPS19-0559
Christine Foran   PPS19-0560
Ryan D Fortune   PPS19-0561
Travis Foster   PPS19-0072
Kenneth R Fountain, III   PPS19-0230
Christopher Fowler   PPS19-0073
James Frago   PPS19-0074
John Frago   PPS19-0075
Kenneth R Frechette, Jr   PPS19-0733
Jessica D Frederick   PPS19-0834
John Frederick   PPS19-0835
Kimberly A Gage   PPS19-0446
Robert M Gaiser   PPS19-0519
Guy Galarnyk   PPS19-0838
Ron Gamm, Jr   PPS19-0324
Kamron M Gant   PPS19-0815
Shanna P Gardner   PPS19-0783
Amy Garland   PPS19-0843
Andrew L Garza   PPS19-0231
Melissa M Geisler   PPS19-0799
Richard Gerber   PPS19-0562
Louis Gerrick   PPS19-0054
Jill Getman   PPS19-0667
Kevin Gilgour   PPS19-0447
Holly Gilmore   PPS19-0636
Matthew Gilmore   PPS19-0055
Brock Ginther   PPS19-0637
Jennifer Gitlin   PPS19-0734
Paul Gizel   PPS19-0563
Rickey Glasgow   PPS19-0826
Steven D Glenn   PPS19-0056
Ronda Godard   PPS19-0057
Adam Golden   PPS19-0058
Noe Gonzalez, Jr   PPS19-0668
Sinai Gonzalez   PPS19-0564
Bradley D Gordon   PPS19-0232
Bradley Gordon   PPS19-0059
Thomas J Gorgen   PPS19-0233
Tom Gorgone   PPS19-0060
Dana Gouge   PPS19-0669
Gabriella Gourdin   PPS19-0061
John Gray   PPS19-0325
Leroy Greene, Sr.   PPS19-0715
Christina M Gregory   PPS19-0062
Jordan M Gregory   PPS19-0735
Lesley W Griffin   PPS19-0419
Sarah Griffin   PPS19-0670
Charles R Gunning   PPS19-0063
David Hahn   PPS19-0565
Chantaye K Hamilton   PPS19-0694
Darnell Hamilton   PPS19-0076
Kimberly Hamilton   PPS19-0077
Alan Hancock   PPS19-0078
Eric Hann   PPS19-0079
James Hannah   PPS19-0420
Timothy S Hansen   PPS19-0080
Todd Harbour   PPS19-0234
Rufus R Harmon   PPS19-0235
James R Harper   PPS19-0808
Claude Dean Harris   PPS19-0827
Keith W Harrison   PPS19-0638
Michael Harth   PPS19-0326
Christy Hartline   PPS19-0081
James R Harvey   PPS19-0771
Shauna Hasek   PPS19-0520
Anthony Hatcher   PPS19-0566
Frances Hatcher   PPS19-0567
Natalie Hawks   PPS19-0236
Larry Haynes   PPS19-0082
Douglas E Hays   PPS19-0083
Harmony Hazelett   PPS19-0736
Grace Hazell   PPS19-0084
Jabir A Hazziez, Jr   PPS19-0695
Constance Heabt   PPS19-0696
Stacy D Headd   PPS19-0816
Richard P Heimerich, Jr.   PPS19-0085
Erich T Hein   PPS19-0568
Stephen Heitz   PPS19-0086
Charles Helms   PPS19-0087
Gary Henderson   PPS19-0784
Jeff Henderson   PPS19-0639
Martin Henderson   PPS19-0804
Austen Hendrickson   PPS19-0088
Sharon Hendrickson   PPS19-0237
Daryl Hendrix   PPS19-0640
Wendy L Henrich   PPS19-0089
Jesse J Hernandez   PPS19-0090
Reed Hileman Hess   PPS19-0671
Michael Hibler   PPS19-0091
Angela Higby   PPS19-0785
Deborah Higgins   PPS19-0327
Anthonio Hightower   PPS19-0092
Wendy K Hilgenberg   PPS19-0238
Mikal Hill   PPS19-0328
Matthew Hilpert   PPS19-0329
Donald A Hilsdon   PPS19-0239
James M Hise   PPS19-0093
Gerald Hissam   PPS19-0240
Gary F Hodges   PPS19-0094
Theodore R Hoefle   PPS19-0809
Matthew Hoffmann   PPS19-0448
Alex T Holland   PPS19-0241
Brian K Hollen   PPS19-0095
Bob Holyk   PPS19-0096
Roman Holyk   PPS19-0097
Roger K Hooper   PPS19-0672
Richard K Hopson   PPS19-0242
Leonard Horseman   PPS19-0569
Kyle C Houck   PPS19-0810
Robin Houren   PPS19-0839
Ricardo Houston   PPS19-0641
Cameron Ross Howard   PPS19-0642
Ulonda G Howard   PPS19-0098
Ali Howat   PPS19-0330
Martin J Hueckel   PPS19-0099
Michael D Huffman   PPS19-0331
Pamela Huffman   PPS19-0332
David Hughes   PPS19-0449
Greg Hulver   PPS19-0500
William B Humble   PPS19-0100
Joshua Hunziker-Akin   PPS19-0756
Mary Hurley   PPS19-0737
George Illidge   PPS19-0101
Angela Irick   PPS19-0828
Jess Isbell   PPS19-0421
Melissa Jackson   PPS19-0333
Travis Jackson   PPS19-0772
Travis Jackson   PPS19-0772
Angela D Jaggars   PPS19-0673
John R Jaggars   PPS19-0674
Frank James   PPS19-0102
Clifton G Jameson   PPS19-0334
Matthew J Jankowski   PPS19-0103
Alene A Jensen   PPS19-0335
Barbara Johnson   PPS19-0643
Betty A Johnson   PPS19-0104
Bret Johnson   PPS19-0422
Christina M Johnson   PPS19-0105
Edward Johnson   PPS19-0106
Edward Johnson   PPS19-0243
Mike Johnson   PPS19-0697
Randy Johnson   PPS19-0107
William Johnson   PPS19-0423
Kyle A Jones   PPS19-0424
Louis Jones   PPS19-0572
Mark Jones   PPS19-0791
Melissa J Jones   PPS19-0425
Michael A Jones   PPS19-0108
Myisha Jones   PPS19-0792
Patrick D Jones   PPS19-0244
Samuel Jones, Jr   PPS19-0573
Tyra Jones   PPS19-0764
Lisa Jordan   PPS19-0757
Frank Joseph   PPS19-0644
Abigail M Jurgeson   PPS19-0716
Eric K Jurgeson   PPS19-0717
Leo Jurgeson   PPS19-0718
Haile Kahssa   PPS19-0109
Russell Kaspar   PPS19-0501
Kenneth J Kearney   PPS19-0110
Michael Keatina   PPS19-0111
Gerald Keeley   PPS19-0112
Royce W Kerley, II   PPS19-0758
Janet Kerr   PPS19-0245
Leisa Ketron   PPS19-0759
Jeff Keyton   PPS19-0574
Donna Jo King   PPS19-0570
Brent D Kirkhart   PPS19-0246
Janice D Kirkhart   PPS19-0247
Tyler B Kirkhart   PPS19-0248
Susan M Kirkwood   PPS19-0249
Kenneth J Klewicki   PPS19-0575
Wyman T Kroft   PPS19-0113
Thomas R Kroll   PPS19-0576
Jeff Kuenzi   PPS19-0114
Aaron Kuhns   PPS19-0738
Cody Kyser   PPS19-0338
Kevin LaBranche   PPS19-0521
Linda S LaMarque   PPS19-0817
Cecile R Landrum   PPS19-0698
Jo Ann Lane   PPS19-0115
Richard Langdon   PPS19-0250
Greg Lanham   PPS19-0251
Elizabeth Lassell   PPS19-0699
John M Laukaitis   PPS19-0116
Spencer J Laws   PPS19-0522
Andrew J Lecuyer   PPS19-0339
Jennifer K Lecuyer   PPS19-0340
Joshua Lee   PPS19-0117
Rocky K Lee   PPS19-0773
Rick V Leeds   PPS19-0118
Damon Lester   PPS19-0252
Alfred Lett, Jr.   PPS19-0341
Susan J Lett   PPS19-0342
Kristie S Lewis   PPS19-0119
John D Lichtenegger   PPS19-0120
John H Linder   PPS19-0502
Stephanie R Linquist   PPS19-0343
Tara Little   PPS19-0844
ShaDonna Livingston   PPS19-0793
Peter W Lobdell   PPS19-0794
John Logan   PPS19-0253
Bert Lott   PPS19-0121
Terry D Lunsford   PPS19-0426
Marc Wayne Macey   PPS19-0739
Natalie Ann Macey   PPS19-0740
Chad Maier   PPS19-0646
Robert G Maliuuk, Jr   PPS19-0577
Matthews J Manlich   PPS19-0578
Robert Manning   PPS19-0123
Robin Marchbanks   PPS19-0741
Laci S Marler   PPS19-0742
Steph Marsell   PPS19-0774
Kenneth D Marshall   PPS19-0254
Curtis Martin   PPS19-0743
David Martin   PPS19-0579
Deborah J Martin   PPS19-0255
Gary L Martin   PPS19-0795
Michael A Martin   PPS19-0256
Ryan Martin   PPS19-0845
Shelly D Martin   PPS19-0344
Susan Martin   PPS19-0846
Roger Martucci   PPS19-0124
Cameron R Matthews   PPS19-0818
Darrell Matthews   PPS19-0345
David May   PPS19-0427
William Lu Maye   PPS19-0122
Brenda Kay Mays   PPS19-0523
Joshua McCaleb   PPS19-0503
Velinda J McCarthy   PPS19-0796
Bethany L McCoy   PPS19-0346
Donna McDaniel   PPS19-0428
Pamela C McDonald   PPS19-0719
Lawrence McDowell   PPS19-0700
Timothy McGarity   PPS19-0347
Derek McGrath   PPS19-0819
Stephen A McIntosh   PPS19-0429
Casey L McKee   PPS19-0257
Scott McKenna   PPS19-0524
Robert M McKinney, Jr.   PPS19-0675
Michael J McMahon   PPS19-0125
Gary D McMullin   PPS19-0720
Marcia Lee McMurphy   PPS19-0760
Carter McPheeters   PPS19-0348
Edward McPheeters   PPS19-0349
Austin T McVay   PPS19-0258
Michael Meade   PPS19-0580
Patricia A Medley   PPS19-0259
Richard Meek   PPS19-0350
David Mehl   PPS19-0647
Maria C Meier   PPS19-0811
Jerry Melber   PPS19-0126
Thomas A Melte   PPS19-0744
Logan Meme   PPS19-0701
Arsalan Memon   PPS19-0127
Eric Mendenhall   PPS19-0581
Jenna Mendoza   PPS19-0128
Lesa A Mense   PPS19-0351
Justin M Meyer   PPS19-0352
Samantha Michael   PPS19-0721
James O Miller, Jr   PPS19-0582
Jill Elaine Miller   PPS19-0722
Matthew A Millhollin   PPS19-0129
Kimala Milner   PPS19-0702
Chris Miranda   PPS19-0583
Douglas E Mitchell   PPS19-0430
James Mitchell   PPS19-0745
Jason Mitchell   PPS19-0829
Laura Mitchell   PPS19-0431
Matthew Mitchell   PPS19-0504
Vivian G Mitchell   PPS19-0130
Alexious M Moehring   PPS19-0765
Jonathan Moehring   PPS19-0766
Carla Monegain   PPS19-0584
Jason Moody   PPS19-0260
Gary Moore   PPS19-0648
Ronald D Moore   PPS19-0261
Emmanuel F Morales   PPS19-0585
Carlos A Moreno   PPS19-0131
Catherine A Morgan   PPS19-0775
Jason R Morgan   PPS19-0797
Michael S Morrison   PPS19-0586
Timothy L Murphy   PPS19-0649
James E Murray   PPS19-0676
Kelly Murski   PPS19-0132
Cassandra Musick   PPS19-0262
Ayele-Kojo Ade-Ojore Muwwakkil   PPS19-0353
Andrew Myers   PPS19-0263
Frederick M Myers   PPS19-0264
James G Myers   PPS19-0265
Joseph M Myers   PPS19-0505
Stephanie Myers   PPS19-0266
Regina G Nance   PPS19-0267
Paul Nardizz   PPS19-0133
Todd Nash   PPS19-0525
Wendy Neff   PPS19-0134
Travis Neuberger   PPS19-0354
Jillian Newkirk   PPS19-0135
Brian Newton   PPS19-0136
Ly Nguyen   PPS19-0587
Jeremy L Nicholas   PPS19-0268
Charles Nichols   PPS19-0355
Sandra L Nichols   PPS19-0356
Carla Niekamp   PPS19-0357
Keith Niziankiewicz   PPS19-0588
Michael Noble   PPS19-0137
Greg Noll   PPS19-0269
Jason Novotny   PPS19-0677
Thomas J O'Hara   PPS19-0746
Robert M O'Sullivan   PPS19-0270
Leo Olcott   PPS19-0723
Trinity Olson   PPS19-0138
Donald E Ostrander, Jr   PPS19-0433
Janell Outland   PPS19-0678
Craig Palmer   PPS19-0589
Nicholas Papa   PPS19-0650
John Pappas   PPS19-0139
Cynthia Paris   PPS19-0140
David Robert Parker   PPS19-0679
Deanna Parker   PPS19-0651
Ronald Partee   PPS19-0830
Douglas W Patterson   PPS19-0590
Rashad Payne   PPS19-0805
Stuart M Peck   PPS19-0506
Jaron Perkins   PPS19-0591
Charles M Perry   PPS19-0271
George R Perry, Jr.   PPS19-0142
Janet R Perry   PPS19-0141
Terrance Perry   PPS19-0592
Bob Peters   PPS19-0652
Jacob Peterson   PPS19-0358
Devin J Pettenger   PPS19-0272
Carrie Pfeifer   PPS19-0273
Kacie Phelps   PPS19-0143
Gregory Piazza   PPS19-0593
Vincent Piazza   PPS19-0158
Brian T Pierce   PPS19-0594
Jose M Pineiro   PPS19-0434
Timothy Pinney   PPS19-0159
Jason S Plumley   PPS19-0160
Craig Podgurshi, Jr   PPS19-0161
Craig A Poese   PPS19-0359
Tyler Pollard   PPS19-0703
John Pontry   PPS19-0595
Herbert M Pope   PPS19-0274
Rocellious D Pope   PPS19-0162
Allen Porter   PPS19-0360
Kevin Pose   PPS19-0724
Andre S Powell   PPS19-0597
Bill Powell   PPS19-0275
Dee Powell   PPS19-0276
Samantha Powell   PPS19-0277
Joseph M Powers   PPS19-0361
Kim Presler   PPS19-0278
Marcus L Presler   PPS19-0279
Curtis G Press   PPS19-0507
Kenneth L Prewett   PPS19-0362
Patricia Prewett   PPS19-0363
Sheldon S Proell, Jr.   PPS19-0840
Janis A Puderbraugh   PPS19-0508
Michael A Puderbraugh   PPS19-0509
Galen Quinn   PPS19-0598
Anastasia Quinquit   PPS19-0163
Jason M Ramey   PPS19-0364
Catherin Randall   PPS19-0747
Mark Rauss   PPS19-0365
Richard Raymond   PPS19-0280
Charles J Reardon   PPS19-0164
Derek L Reddick   PPS19-0165
Angela Reed   PPS19-0166
Christopher Reed   PPS19-0145
Edward Reed   PPS19-0146
Luann Reeder   PPS19-0366
Mark D Reeder   PPS19-0367
Walter John Reek   PPS19-0725
Raymond L Rew   PPS19-0368
Ernie Rice   PPS19-0147
Karen L Rice   PPS19-0148
Kim E Rice   PPS19-0281
Marybeth Rice   PPS19-0282
Makayla Richardson   PPS19-0283
Cheryl R Richey   PPS19-0599
Lisa J Richter   PPS19-0435
Diana S Ridinger   PPS19-0436
John T Riead, III   PPS19-0704
Deana Rife   PPS19-0369
Debra Rios   PPS19-0149
Jorge Rivera   PPS19-0284
Randy Rober   PPS19-0150
David M Roberts   PPS19-0336
Patricia Roberts   PPS19-0337
Richard Robex   PPS19-0151
Adam O Robinson   PPS19-0372
Jery Robinson   PPS19-0152
Matthew Robson   PPS19-0373
Jessica Rockers   PPS19-0374
Michael L Rogers   PPS19-0820
Anthony J Romano, Jr   PPS19-0680
Antonio Roque   PPS19-0153
Ethel A Ross   PPS19-0154
Richard C Ross   PPS19-0155
Lawrence G Roth   PPS19-0285
Richard S Roth   PPS19-0286
Robert J Rowland   PPS19-0526
Eric Rubin   PPS19-0600
Christopher A Rues   PPS19-0681
Ronald J Rugen   PPS19-0375
Melissa Ruiz   PPS19-0601
Edna Russell   PPS19-0156
Lee H Russell   PPS19-0602
Mark Russell, Jr.   PPS19-0157
John T Sadler, Jr   PPS19-0167
Ligno Sanchez   PPS19-0168
Candace Sanders   PPS19-0682
Virginia L Saxon   PPS19-0169
Richard H Scarborough   PPS19-0527
Brenda M Schiwitz   PPS19-0287
David P Schlesing   PPS19-0776
Brian D Schmidt   PPS19-0288
Parker Schreckenghaust   PPS19-0821
Barbara Scott   PPS19-0603
Jessica Scott   PPS19-0437
Kenneth Scott   PPS19-0761
Lisa L Scott   PPS19-0376
Nathaniel Scott   PPS19-0170
Michael Seba   PPS19-0777
Gregory C Seher   PPS19-0528
Robert C Shaffer   PPS19-0377
Mindee Sharp   PPS19-0683
Adam Sheffield   PPS19-0833
Lee T Shepard   PPS19-0726
Joe Sherrod   PPS19-0171
Cory Shields   PPS19-0172
David Shirley   PPS19-0786
Mark O Shiver   PPS19-0173
Eric Shumate   PPS19-0174
Dlelynna Siegel   PPS19-0762
Michael S Siegel   PPS19-0378
Danielle L Simmermon   PPS19-0767
Andrew Siteps   PPS19-0175
Laura H Skinner   PPS19-0289
Thomas H Skinner   PPS19-0290
Richard A Skyler   PPS19-0812
Jeremy S Small   PPS19-0176
Cynthia R Smallwood   PPS19-0684
Bryan Smith   PPS19-0177
Lisa Smith   PPS19-0379
Monica Smith   PPS19-0178
Anthony Sommer   PPS19-0778
Connie Sommers   PPS19-0380
Timofey A Somoylenko   PPS19-0179
Bryan K Sorenson   PPS19-0510
Anthony Spada   PPS19-0180
Melissa Spencer   PPS19-0181
Thomas A Spriggel   PPS19-0511
Zachary Squires   PPS19-0381
Jamie P Stallo   PPS19-0182
Marc A Starks   PPS19-0183
Barbara J Stelc   PPS19-0184
Tiffany Stephenson   PPS19-0291
Susanne Stilwell   PPS19-0787
Kelvin Stinyard   PPS19-0185
Randy Stone   PPS19-0186
Steven Stosur   PPS19-0604
Robert T Stover   PPS19-0382
Haley Stratton   PPS19-0187
Ilse Straub   PPS19-0685
Brittney Strozier   PPS19-0806
Justin Struttman   PPS19-0438
William T Stuart   PPS19-0748
Mark Sumler   PPS19-0383
Valerie Summer   PPS19-0529
Richard Swank   PPS19-0384
David J Swinford   PPS19-0370
Lorraine Swinford   PPS19-0371
Lee Szydloski   PPS19-0749
David Taliaferro   PPS19-0292
Michael Talone   PPS19-0605
Berham B Tassaw   PPS19-0188
Deborah Taylor   PPS19-0439
Jeffrey Teitel   PPS19-0189
Timothy Thayer   PPS19-0385
Darren S Thebeau   PPS19-0530
Lisa Thomas   PPS19-0606
Marty Thomas   PPS19-0531
Perry Thomas   PPS19-0190
Robert H Thomas   PPS19-0191
Scott L Thomas   PPS19-0607
Walter Thomas   PPS19-0608
William W Thomas   PPS19-0192
Vanessa Thompson   PPS19-0193
Willard Douglas Thurber   PPS19-0686
Christina Tiffany   PPS19-0194
John E Timmerberg   PPS19-0836
Tom Tippit   PPS19-0532
James J Tomasic   PPS19-0440
Robert Torrey   PPS19-0653
John P Trainor, Jr   PPS19-0813
Gabriel E Tranum   PPS19-0195
Jacob Tranum   PPS19-0196
Lucas Traugott   PPS19-0654
Kyesha Treece   PPS19-0386
Jakob T Tripses   PPS19-0387
Stephen M Troutz   PPS19-0609
John J Trumpower   PPS19-0655
Paul G Turpen   PPS19-0197
Joseph Twardowski   PPS19-0705
Margarita Vasquez   PPS19-0198
Leonara M Vestal   PPS19-0441
Kevin R Vetsch   PPS19-0512
Robert E Vick, II   PPS19-0199
Paul R Villareal   PPS19-0727
Kasey Vink   PPS19-0200
Michele VonEisengrein   PPS19-0610
Brad Votaw   PPS19-0201
Brad Votaw   PPS19-0388
Joseph T Wachowski   PPS19-0611
David E Wagner   PPS19-0389
Donald Walker   PPS19-0293
Ambiko Wallace   PPS19-0202
Darrin Walton   PPS19-0513
Michael Walton   PPS19-0612
Daniel R Ward   PPS19-0203
Vancem Warrem, Sr.   PPS19-0204
Linda R Warren-Stapleton   PPS19-0687
Sophia R Washington   PPS19-0750
Stephen Waters   PPS19-0706
Hillary Watson   PPS19-0390
Rebecca K Watters   PPS19-0837
Gary S Weaver   PPS19-0656
Amanda Webster   PPS19-0391
Ryan E Weekley   PPS19-0294
Misty Wege   PPS19-0657
Robert P Weishar   PPS19-0392
Mark Weiss   PPS19-0658
Kaylan Welborn   PPS19-0205
Joe W Wells   PPS19-0779
Verrien W Weston   PPS19-0393
Andrew Wheeler   PPS19-0295
Christian Wheeler   PPS19-0296
Pam King Wheetley   PPS19-0442
Julie H White   PPS19-0688
Richard D White   PPS19-0394
Roger White   PPS19-0297
Roger White   PPS19-0613
Jerry Whitworth   PPS19-0298
Jerry Whitworth   PPS19-0298
Shannon Whitworth   PPS19-0299
Andrew Wickliffe   PPS19-0300
Scott Wiechmann   PPS19-0395
Sandra E Wiedmaier   PPS19-0396
Tad Wight   PPS19-0780
Norman Wiley   PPS19-0707
Gregory M Willing   PPS19-0206
Charles R Willis   PPS19-0397
Clayton Willis   PPS19-0708
Jack D Willis   PPS19-0659
Angela Wilson   PPS19-0660
Conni Wilson   PPS19-0398
Deborah A Wilson   PPS19-0207
Elmer W Wilson   PPS19-0208
John D Wilson   PPS19-0709
Mitch A Wirth   PPS19-0209
Ann Wixom   PPS19-0614
Mickey Wolfskill   PPS19-0847
Sherri Wood   PPS19-0443
Deborah Woodhouse   PPS19-0210
Debra Woodhouse   PPS19-0301
Jerry Wooten   PPS19-0211
Katherine L Wright   PPS19-0751
Louis C Wright   PPS19-0752
Sandra Yade   PPS19-0615
Stan Yoder   PPS19-0661
Edwin E Young   PPS19-0212
Gregory S Young   PPS19-0444
Niel Young   PPS19-0616
Alfonso Zambrand   PPS19-0302
Gina Zappia   PPS19-0617
Kim Zappia   PPS19-0618
Richard Zechiel   PPS19-0619
Aron Zeller   PPS19-0822
Dane Zeller   PPS19-0823
Sarah Zirakian   PPS19-0213
Greg Zotta   PPS19-0303