Court Rules

Rule 84 - Post-Judgment Motions

Rule 84.2 - Civil Cases

1. Except as set forth below, all post-judgment motions and applications, to include motions for new trial and alternative motions to set aside the judgment, motions to amend or modify judgment, garnishment matters, execution matters, examinations of judgment debtors, and the like, in civil cases, shall be assigned to the judge who rendered the last judgment.

2. Any post-judgment motions or applications where the judge who rendered the last judgment is not currently assigned a civil docket shall be reassigned to another judge currently assigned a civil docket by rotation, who will hear all further proceedings in the case. Current judicial assignments to civil dockets are made pursuant to Administrative Order entered by the Presiding Judge.

Adopted 11/18/05
Revised 01/22/2020
Effective 03/27/2020