Court Rules

Rule 84 - Post-Judgment Motions

Rule 84.4 - Amended Motions for Postconviction Relief - Authorized Filing By Facsimile Transmission

Effective January 1, 1995, amended motions for postconviction relief may be filed by facsimile transmission, provided:

(a) Any such pleading received after 4:30 p.m. will be deemed received and filed on the following business day.

(b) Facsimile numbers for each division will be published. Amended motions must be faxed to the number specified for the division to which the case is assigned. If the application is transmitted to another division's number, the application will be routed to the appropriate division in the ordinary course of business by courier. Such application will not be deemed received and will not be stamped "filed" until actually delivered to that division.

(c) The original amended motion shall not be submitted to the Court subsequent to the facsimile filing, rather the party filing the amended motion shall retain the original and make it available upon order of the court.

Adopted 12/14/94
Effective 1/1/95