Court Rules

Rule 5 - Fees & Costs

Rule 5.1 - Clerk's Fees

Rule 5 – Fees and Costs

RULE 5.1 - Clerk’s Fees

The following amounts (to cover fees and costs) shall be deposited at the time proceedings are instituted or requested.


1. Civil Actions - except as otherwise provided $ 148.00
2. Dissolution of Marriage/Legal Separation 180.00
3. Replevin 148.00
4. Adult Adoptions 215.00
5. Step-Child Adoptions 280.00
6. Other Adoptions 325.00
($30.00 for each additional child)
7. Condemnation Actions 148.00


1. Motions to Modify-Domestic Relations
a) Filed without stipulation 180.00
b) Filed with stipulation, requiring no service 154.00
2. Paternity 180.00
3. Petition for Grandparents’ Visitation Rights 180.00
4. Family Access Motion (includes civil process service) 180.00
5. Registration of Foreign Judgment
a) Civil 112.00
b) Domestic 144.00
6. Petition for Review of Driver’s License Suspension
or Revocation (includes certified mail fee) 122.00
7. Application for Hardship Driving Privileges (includes
certified mail fee) 122.00
8. Warehouse License Application 112.00
9. Minor’s Settlement for Immediate Disposition 112.00
10. Change of Name/Correction of Birth Certificate 142.00
11. Application to Take Deposition/Out-of -State Actions 112.00
12. Application for Witness to Attend Out-of-State Actions 112.00
13. Actions w/o Jackson County Service or Court
Reporter 112.00
14. Notice of Appeal 70.00
15. Transcript of Judgment 0
16. Mechanic’s Lien 5.00
17. Certification from Small Claims 70.00
18. Writ of Garnishment 10.00


1. Associate Judge Proceedings-except as otherwise
provided 98.00
2. Claims, cross-claims, counterclaims, or third party
petitions over $25,000 148.00
3. Rent and Possession Actions 98.00
4. Associate Judge Proceedings w/o Jackson County
Service, including Registration of Foreign
Judgments 62.00
5. Applications for Hearing re: Hardship Driving Privileges
(Includes certified mail fee) 72.00
6. Petitions for Review of Driver’s License Suspension
or Revocation/Chemical Test 62.00
7. Certification from Associate Judge Proceeding 34.00
8. Small Claims 63.00
9. Certification from Small Claims 35.00
10. Certification from Municipal Division 84.00
11. Trial de Novo:
a) From Associate Division 74.00
b) From Small Claims 82.00
c) From Municipal 68.50
(motorcycle involvement additional $5; motorcycle
accident involvement additional $10; double
above amounts if alcohol involved)
12. Associate Circuit Grandparent Mediation 130.00
13. Writ of Garnishment 10.00


1. Each additional Defendant to be served other
than the First Named Defendant
Circuit cases 36.00
Associate Circuit Cases 36.00
2. Each alias summons
Circuit cases 36.00
Associate Circuit Cases 36.00
3. Service of Restraining Order, Injunction, Writ 36.00
4. Writ of Sequestration 46.00
5. Restitution 36.00
6. Writ of Attachment (Levy) 36.00
7. Nulla Bona Return 30.00
8. Garnishment 36.00
9. Garnishment to federal employees 10.00
10. Real Estate Levy 51.00
11. Issuance of Court Administrator’s Deed No fee
12. Execution without Levy No fee

(Amounts required for certified or registered mail are not included.)


A $20.00 Law Library fee, a $7.00 postage fee, and a $3.00 fee for the sheriffs’ retirement fund shall be collected in addition to established fees, costs and charges in the following probate cases: (See Probate Procedure Manual Section 5.)

1. When letters are applied for in decedent proceedings, pursuant to section 483.580, RSMo.

2. Initial proceeding for person absent for five or more years.

3. In proceedings requesting the appointment of a guardian and/or conservator, pursuant to section 483.580, RSMo.*

4. Trusts and other civil filings.

*(fee not to be collected in indigent cases)

A Law Library fee shall not be collected in the following probate cases, however, other established fees, costs and charges shall continue to be collected:

1. Receiving and keeping a will, pursuant to section 474.510 RSMo.

2. For issuing orders refusing to grant letters to a spouse or an unmarried minor child pursuant to section 483.580 RSMo.

3. For issuing orders refusing to grant letters to a creditor.

4. In probate proceedings, pursuant to section 483.580, RSMo:

a. For the collection of small estates;
b. For involuntary hospitalization proceedings;
c. For proceedings to determine heirship;
d. For assessment of estate taxes where no letters are granted;
e. For proceedings for the sale of real estate by a nonresident conservator;
f. For proceedings to dispense with administration;
g. For proceedings to dispense with conservatorship;
h. For admitting a will to probate


In addition to the sums listed above, the following additional amounts must be deposited. The additional amounts set forth below for certified & registered mail are also applicable to Probate actions.

1. When Certified Mail is required or requested: $10.00/mailing
2. When Registered Mail is required or requested: $20.00/mailing
3. When a document is required to be recorded with the
Department of Records: The amount charged for recording
4. Service on show cause/motion for contempt: $75.00
5. When an interested party properly requests a copy of a tape used to
record proceedings of a trial: $25.00

NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED (If service is requested, a service fee will be collected in advance for those pleadings marked with an asterisk.)

1. Answers to Motion to Modify*
2. Counter-Motions to Modify*
3. Motions to Appoint or Terminate Court
Administrator as Trustee*
4. Paternity or Support Actions brought by
Prosecuting Attorney or Attorney on
Referral of Division of Family Services
5. Petitions for Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement
of Support Actions
6. Motions for Contempt*
7. Motions to Convert Decree of Legal Separation
to Decree of Dissolution*
8. Waivers of Consent to Adoption*
9. Adult Abuse Actions (Costs will be taxed at
conclusion of case)
10. A Law Library Fee will not be charged on actions
filed by any city, county or State of Missouri

Adopted 12/19/14
Effective 1/15/15